How to charge UPS power supply?
Column:FAQ Time:2011-04-01

As we all know, UPS power plays an important role in our work and daily life, it is usually the backup power supply of department stores, supermarkets, banks, and the base stations and could prevent the equipment from outage and regulate the voltage, so UPS uninterruptible power supply makes our work and daily life well organized. However, UPS power is usually considered maintenance free and the necessary maintenance is always ignored, thus reducing its service life.
The normal floating life of maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery is 3-5 years at room temperature (usually at 25℃) under normal conditions and in regular use. But the unreasonable maintenance of battery has greatly reduced the service life of UPS power supply.
Here are three tips for maintenance:
1.The ambient temperature of battery should be 0-40℃ to avoid direct sunlight;
2.Normally, the battery should be charged and discharged every 3 to 6 months and the charging time should be not less than 10 hours after discharged.

3.UPS power should be charged every 3-6 months if long time idle.

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